IDF Looking to Buy Fleet of Suicide Drones

Rotem drone [Photo: IAI]

Although no official plan has been made, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has expressed interest in obtaining a fleet of “suicide drones” developed by weapons manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), reports Haaretz. An IAI executive publicized the interest, which was confirmed by a military source.

The drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), equipped with cameras and/or explosives and designed to dive towards a target and explode as needed. It can also land and be reused if desired. Such drones can provide low-cost air support for ground troops when manned aircraft are not present.

The current model which the IDF is considering is the Rotem, a Hebrew acronym for “attack and suicide drone”. A single unit can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Several have already been sold to foreign armies, though IAI would not specify which countries had purchased the UAVs.


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The Rotem is small enough that two can be carried by a single soldier in his pack. It can be made to hover silently over a target designated by a command entered on a tablet computer, or ordered to drop grenades on the target. It can alternatively be equipped with a camera to designate an automatic flight path, returning with the press of a “back” button.

The Rotem, which was revealed to reporters on Sunday during a tour, joins earlier models HAROP and HARPY, both a cross between aircraft and missile.  “The aircraft sees its target, homes in on it and also destroys it,” the IAI executive told reporters.

When asked about accusations that a HAROP drone was used earlier this month by the Azeri army in an attack on an Armenian convoy in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, the executive refused to comment. Azerbaijan, Israel and India are currently said to employ the unmanned vehicles.

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