IDF Hits Iranian Troops in Syria; Netanyahu Issues Warning to Iran [WATCH]

The IDF released a video showing an IAF strike hitting Iranian forces in Syria as they attempted to attack Israeli troops. It is extremely rare for the Israeli government to comment on military incidents outside of its borders but Prime Minister Netanyahu followed up the IDF video with a stern warning.

The IAF hit eight targets before dawn on Wednesday in southern Syria. The military said it bombed “warehouses, command posts and military complexes, as well as batteries of surface-to-air missiles” in its early morning retaliatory strikes. Syrian sources reported three of their forces were killed in the IAF airstrikes. The casualties were military personnel from air defense batteries which fired at the Israeli air assets. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition organization based in the United Kingdom, said 10 people in total were killed in the Israeli strikes, some of them Iranian.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman stated that the targets included a barracks used by senior Iranian officers outside Damascus and a base used by Iran to orchestrate its activities in the country next to the Damascus International Airport though these strikes did not appear in the video footage released by the IDF.

The Syrian border has been the source of conflict recently. On Tuesday, IDF combat engineers disarmed three Claymore-style anti-personnel mines that were placed by enemy forces inside Israeli territory near the border with Syria. The area is routinely patrolled by IDF troops.

The prime minister followed that up with a warning issued on social media.

“This morning, the air force attacked significant Iranian Quds Force targets and Syrian targets in Syria,” the PM said. “This is the clear policy that I have been leading for years. We will not allow Iranian military entrenchment against us in Syria and we will not tolerate any attempt to attack us from Syrian territory. Whoever tries to attack us or attacks us will bear the consequences.

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