The Israel Defense Forces announced on Tuesday that it has completed the ‎construction of its new wartime command and control ‎center, built under the IDF headquarters in ‎Rabin Base in Tel Aviv.

The new bunker war room, code-named “Fortress of Zion,” is expected to ‎become fully operational in the next few weeks. It will replace the ‎current IDF bunker, dubbed “The Pit,” which was built in 1966.‎

The IDF said the new compound is equipped with state-of-the-art ‎technology for overseeing military operations across all ‎sectors and by all corps in times of peace and war alike.

It will be ‎routinely manned by Operations Directorate personnel, who will be ‎joined by the General Staff, GOCs and corps ‎commanders at times of special operations or a full-‎scale conflict.‎

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Like its predecessor, the new bunker includes offices for the prime ‎minister, and the defense and foreign ministers, and can ‎accommodate cabinet meetings. It also includes a ‎special deck to accommodate the heads of the Shin Bet ‎security agency and the Mossad national intelligence agency.‎

The IDF had hoped to complete the bunker’s construction ‎several years ago, but the project hit numerous budgetary and ‎technical difficulties.

Eventually, a tender was issued for the ‎construction. The winner was a U.S. defense contractor, which enabled Israel to use U.S. aid to complete ‎part of the project. ‎

Construction was sped up following a state comptroller’s report ‎warning that the existing war room failed to meet various safety ‎codes, placing those inside it at risk. ‎

Source: Israel in the News