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IDF Commandos Train to Free Boat Hijacked by ISIS Terrorists

Israel Navy

As ISIS’ power in the Sinai grows, Israeli forces are preparing for all eventualities – even an ISIS takeover of a civilian vessel.

IDF forces conducted a large-scale naval drill in the southern city of Eilat that began on Wednesday and concluded early Thursday morning. At its height, IDF forces contended with the simulated scenario of freeing a civilian vessel hijacked by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

Several navy units, including the elite Shayetet 13 commandos, participated in the exercise. The IDF stated that the drill was meant to examine the navy’s rapid response to immediate threats in tense situations.

The scenarios simulated during the drill included terrorists invading Israel’s borders by sea, rocket and mortar fire, an attempted terror attack directed at an Israeli vessel and Special Forces taking control of a vessel hijacked by ISIS terrorists.

Increased ISIS presence and activity in the Sinai Peninsula is perceived by Israel’s security establishment as a mounting threat. ISIS terrorists have already launched attacks against civilian targets in southern Israel.

A senior navy officer said the drill was meant to improve their response to possible incidents of maritime terrorism.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that the drill had been planned ahead of time and that it aims to continue training the forces in different scenarios. Such navy-wide drills are held once or twice a year in different naval arenas.

By: United with Israel Staff
TPS contributed to this report.

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Source: United with Israel

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