IDF D9 in Action (Photo by שועל, modified by MathKnight , via Wikimedia Commons)

An IDF D9 armored bulldozer was targeted by a massive Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on the Gazan Border Friday morning, but the vehicle and the two-man crew escaped unscathed in what some are calling a miracle.

The bulldozer was operating in the Sdot Negev Regional Council area, adjacent to the northern area of Gaza. The explosive was planted on the west of the security fence, within Israeli territory but in a security perimeter area Gazans are forbidden entering. This buffer zone prevents terrorists from approaching the fence. The vehicle reportedly drove directly over the IED, which was exploded remotely.

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Claims that the crew was saved by a miracle are not entirely unfounded. IED’s can be effective against even the best armor. In 2002, a Merkava 3 tank, the most advanced tank in the IDF’s arsenal and considered to be one of the best tanks in the world, was targeted by a similar attack in Gaza. Despite being specially designed to protect its crew, three were killed and the fourth crew member was seriously injured.

There have been numerous attempts by Hamas terrorists to target IDF troops with IED’s. In January, one terrorist was killed and three were injured in an Israeli Navy attack as they were planting an IED in the Northern Gaza Strip. Several more IED’s were found at the time.

The Israeli Armored CAT D9, nicknamed Doobi (teddy bear) is specially modified in Israel to increase its survivability in hostile environments and enable it to withstand heavy attacks, and is used in combat engineering.

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