IDF rescue workers

The Mexican ambassador to Israel teared up with emotion as he thanked the IDF search-and-rescue team that rushed to the scene of disaster following a deadly earthquake.

Mexico will not forget the aid it received from Israel following the earthquake that left over 300 people dead and thousand injured and displaced, Mexican Ambassador to Israel Pablo Macedo Riba said Thursday as he greeted an IDF aid delegation upon their to Israel.

“Right after the earthquake, the prime minister ordered this amazing delegation be dispatched, and all of this happened during Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), and we appreciate it very much. With the good of your hearts, you conquered the heart of Mexico and of the Mexican People,” the ambassador said as he teared up.

The delegation, which consisted of nearly 70 paramedics, rescue workers, and engineers, was sent out last week on the eve of Rosh Hashana to assist in the relief efforts in Mexico amidst the destruction caused by last week’s 7.1 quake.

‘Angels in Blue and White’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also attended the ceremony, praised the delegation members, referring to them as ‘angels in blue and white’

“You are the long arm of Israel’s humanity, which reaches thousands of kilometers to all parts of the world. You show [the world] Israel’s true face,” Netanyahu said.

“When nature is cruel, there comes the time for humanity. When there are natural disaster, the nations, or at least the enlightened nations, join forces. In this test, time and time again, the state of Israel and the IDF excel,” he added.

“We can see the difference between Israel, an enlightened and moral state, a state filled with life.. how far we are from those fundamental regimes, whose sole objective is to sow destruction everywhere. We aspire to be a light unto the nations, and they bring darkness upon humanity. We believe in progress and prosperity, they spread violence and death.”

By: Yona Schnitzer/TPS

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