The Israeli air-force launched an air-strike overnight on Friday, firing missiles at an Iranian-built military base near the Syrian city of al-Qiswa, southwest of Damascus, approximately 30 miles from the Israeli border.

A Sky News report in Arabic stated that five missiles were fired from within Lebanese airspace. Syrian state media said its air defenses intercepted at least two Israeli missiles but that the attack still caused damage.

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As is their rule, the Israeli military did not comment on the operation.

The base was revealed to the public three weeks ago when the BBC reported on a military base Iran was building in Syria. The BBC report included satellite photos confirming the allegation.

Israeli Prime Minister issued a direct warning to Iran against creating a military presence in Syria via a video he recorded on Thursday. The Prime Minister’s Office released a segment of the video on Saturday night.

The video will be screened in its entirety on Sunday at the Brookings Institution’s annual Saban Forum in Washington, DC.

Israel has warned that Iran is attempting to create a land corridor to the Mediterranean via Syria in order to dominate the region. Israeli media reported last week that Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a warning via a third party to Syrian President Bashar Assad that his government would not tolerate Iranian military in Syria.

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