This verse is of special significance as it is read every year on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, which took place earlier this week. Chana (Kha-nah) is a prophetess; her prayers are not just for herself, but rather for the entire Children of Israel. While praying for a child, she also prays for God to raise up His king and His anointed one. The famed commentator Radak (Rabbi David Kimchi) notes that Chana knew that her son would be responsible for establishing kingship among the People of Israel. Thus, “His king” refers to Saul, who would be the lone king from his tribe. “His anointed one” refers to David of the tribe of Judah, who would establish the Jewish monarchy that would span generations. Chana is thus a role model both for praying beyond our individual needs and the desire for the kingship of David, from which the Messiah will come.

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