JERUSALEM (20/2/20) – Former Republican Presidential Candidate and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will attend a Netanyahu Rally for Anglo-Israelis this coming Sunday in Ramat Gan. Huckabee is expected to inject some American flavor into the proceedings by addressing the crowd directly on stage prior to Prime Minister Netanyahu. The exclusive event is open to Anglos from across Israel that register in advance, although space is limited.

Over the last few weeks Netanyahu has been holding at least two American-style rallies every night across the country. The seventy-year-old premier has shown an abundance of energy drawing large crowds wherever he goes. This is seen as a way to pump his base and ensure that the 300,000 Likud voters that stayed at home during the last election, come out in force on March 2nd 2020.

“Bringing together olim to discuss the future of the Jewish State is the essence of Zionism. I look forward to seeing friends, old and new together with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Governor Huckabee in what promises to be a truly eventful evening.” Said Yaakov Hagoel, Chairman of World Likud and Vice Chairman of World Zionist Organization.

“The Likud 2020 strategy is all out victory, the Prime Minister is going from city to city, rallying up his supporters to get out and vote. The energy is palatable and we are confident that victory is in sight. Having a personality like Governor Huckabee attend our event will inject even more positive energy. The Anglo-Israeli community became Israelis by choice and we believe they will choose Netanyahu on mass. If the 250,000 olim from English-speaking countries vote with their feet, they could tip the balance in this election and secure a strong, stable and prosperous Netanyahu government.” Said Avi Hyman, Director of the Likud Anglo 2020 campaign.

Source: Israel in the News