How Saudi Arabia Helped Israel Fend Off Iran’s Attack

How Saudi Arabia Helped Israel Fend Off Iran’s Attack
Mohammed bin Salman

The report said that the role played by Saudi Arabia and ‘other key Arab governments’ is being kept under wraps.

By Shula Rosen

Saudi Arabia, a country that was on the verge of normalization with Israel before the October 7th massacre, helped not only with intelligence but may have also assisted in neutralizing missiles fired from Iran overnight on Saturday according to one report.

Many of the drones and missiles had to travel through Jordanian and Saudi airspace to reach Israel.

A source close to the Saudi royal family told Kan that it has a system in place to intercept any suspicious object in its airspace.

However, another source told  Al Arabiya that the Saudis had not directly intercepted missiles.

It is certain, however, that the Saudis assisted with providing intelligence before the attacks and cooperated with the US to form a coalition in anticipation of Iran’s retaliation against Israel.

Saudi Arabia, along with Israeli ally the UAE, passed on intelligence about the impending attack from Iran.

The cooperation between these countries was coordinated by the US, which has sought to create an alliance in the Middle East to face the Iranian threat.

Overnight from Saturday to Sunday, Iran fired hundreds of ballistic and cruise missiles alongside hundreds of drones at Israel, of which 99% were neutralized before they could reach Israel.

Although it was certain that Jordan directly shot down missiles, Saudi Arabia and the UAE provided crucial intelligence.

In addition, the Saudis allowed allies the use of their airspace and provided radar tracking.

One report supported the notion that the Saudis were actually intercepting missiles because it indicated that Arab militaries in addition to Jordan “supplied their own forces to help.”

However, the report also said that the role played by Saudi Arabia and “other key Arab governments” is being kept under wraps.

Iran launched an unprecedented attack against Israel to retaliate for the killing of an IRGC general and six others in Damascus on April 1st.

Following the missile and drone attacks being intercepted, Israel’s war cabinet met and decided they would retaliate, but have not provided any additional details.

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