Homelessness up 70% for Teens amid Corona-Crisis. Israel’s Friends are Helping

Homelessness up 70% for Teens amid Corona-Crisis. Israel’s Friends are Helping

Homelessness among Israel’s youth has doubled compared to last year, a new report showed.

The report by ELEM – Youth in Distress, an NGO that works with at-risk teenagers, also showed a three-fold increase in depression as well as anxiety among youth. The report also revealed twice as much domestic violence, substance abuse, and eating disorders as there was during the same period in 2019.

Additionally, the organization reported that one in every 11 teens that the group met with said that the covid crisis severely impacted their home. The effect came in the form of hunger as well as increased poverty and unemployment. To some, the impact also came in the form of depression or attempted suicide by one or both of the parents.

And as dismal as the report may sound, there is hope for Israeli families who have fallen through the cracks. That’s because charitable organizations like Colel Chabad have made it their mission to ensure that no Israeli family goes to sleep hungry.

That’s why Colel Chabad has embarked on a campaign to provide food vouchers to the families who need them most. These food vouchers allow those very families who have been struck by the unprecedented economic downturn to ensure that they never have to worry about feeding their children again. Colel Chabad’s volunteers go into the field to speak with and evaluate each family’s needs, ensuring that each family gets the attention and help that they need.


Although there’s no food shortage in Israel, for these people, there is a famine for all intents and purposes. Make sure the people of Israel don’t go hungry. You can do that by contributing whatever you can to angelic organizations like Colel Chabad. 

Donate to Colel Chabad. Bless the Nation of Israel. Don’t let them starve.

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