Continuing the Passover suite, the Holy Madness wise guys read the Haggadah (a book read on the first night of Passover detailing the story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt). If you have ever wondered what Jews do in a Passover Seder,  this is a great place to start.

With insights abound, we tell the story of the exodus, or at least wind our way though the Haggadah trying to figure out how this peculiar book is supposed to help us tell the story of the exodus. What are we doing this night, and what is so special about it anyway?

Starting with the Table of Contents, i.e., the basic structure, and running through the main story part of the seder, we discuss kiddush (the blessing over the wine), the “Four Questions,” the “Four [Archetypal] Children,” and much more…

This episode builds on the discussion in Episode 14 about why slavery in Egypt was so important for our growing nation ( This is also an especially musical episode as we break into traditional tunes many times!

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Enjoy! Pesach kasher ve-same’ach (A happy and kosher Passover to all!) !


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