Upon returning home last week, an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor and resident of Moshav Beit Yitzhak in the Sharon region, noticed two Palestinians breaking into his home. The survivor didn’t hesitate and shot at them. He killed one thief and seriously injured the other. The Arab prowlers are from the Tulkarem area reports Kikar

Paramedics from Magen David Adom paramedics reported that one of the burglars, a man in his 30’s, succumbed to his wounds. The other prowler, a 35-year-old Palestinian Arab, was evacuated to the Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

The shooters version of events was given to the police as follows: “My wife and I returned home from a family event, when I opened the door of the house, I heard banging from inside the house and realized that someone was there.

When he went inside, he saw two masked men approaching him. He then fired two bullets only. One of the prowlers collapsed onto his bed while the other died immediately. Then the injured burglar managed to jump out of the window but was caught by the police.

The granddaughter of the Holocaust survivor is a border policewoman who was injured a year-and-a-half ago in a car ramming attack.

Source: Israel in the News