Africa delegation

Israel’s bonds with Africa are tightening, as many countries seek Israeli expertise and technologies to contend with their challenges.  

In yet another sign of growing ties between Israel and Africa, a delegation of over a dozen African officials gathered in Jerusalem on Monday as part of a three-day agricultural summit.

The summit, titled “Enhancing Sustainable Agricultural Productivity in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions,” which is sponsored by MASHAV, Israel’s international development agency, is being attended by seven agricultural ministers as well as other high-level officials from the 15-nation Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS).

“During the conference, the ministers and delegates will learn about agricultural technology produced in Israel, with an emphasis on dealing with arid climatic conditions, a topic which African agriculture ministers are particularly interested in due to a similar climate prevailing in their countries,” said Jonathan Blum, a spokesperson for Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, the Times of Israel reported.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the conference, which is being held amid growing Israeli-African relations, constitutes a “fertile ground for the further development of relations both on political and economic levels.”

Israel has helped Africa technologically in a number of sectors and in the agricultural sector in particular by introducing techniques such as drip irrigation, which is especially useful in arid climates.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made improving relations with African nations a priority. Last summer Netanyahu made an historic visit to four countries in East Africa and has announced plans to visit West Africa sometime next year.

By: and United with Israel Staff

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