Mocking Trump’s recent decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah offered his two cents warning that “The Americans abandoned the Kurds overnight and left them. This is the fate of all who bet on the US” reports Alahed News reports.

The statement was made at the weekly address at the Ashura council at Sayyed Al-Shuhada compound. Nasrallah noted out that “experience shows that the US does not protect their allies and don’t respect their agreements. Exploiting Trump’s decision, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General is calling it a “message to all people” and that relying on America brings “nothing but failure”.

Nasrallah’s statements echoed those of Chief Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps [IRGC] Major General Hossein Salami who said that: The US allies, Saudi Arabia and ‘Israeli’ regime, are now discouraged with it and fully aware that the US cannot protect them in difficult days.”

Sardar Hossein Salami, left, deputy head of Iranian Revolutionary Guard, during a military war game, April 2016. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Hossein Zohrevand)

“Americans admit that the options they have on the table are impractical against Iran,” Salami noted referring to the failure of US economic policies against Iran over the past two years.

“The US is powerful but it is weak in using its power,” he claimed.

“The more Americans pay to reach their goals, the less they gain their favored results,” Salami explained adding that “They can’t gain their political interests even though they pay massive sums of money on economic and military options.”

Last week, IDF chief of staff Avi Kochavi said that the IDF has taken action to “curb the efforts of Iran and (their proxy) Hezbollah”. He also emphasized that there are more challenges ahead. Kochavi added that if any hostile actors try to harm Israel, the IDF will “respond forcefully.” He added that “The IDF is a strong, offensive and responsible army, which operates in many arenas, in all dimensions, and in effect fulfills its mission as Israel’s defense forces.”

Source: Israel in the News