Hezbollah Chief: Saudi Prince asked Trump to Assassinate me

Hezbollah Chief: Saudi Prince asked Trump to Assassinate me

The head of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, Hassan Nasrallah, says he has evidence that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, asked US President Donald Trump to kill him.

In a recent interview with al-Mayadeen, Nasrallah claimed that he possessed information proving that Bin Salman made the request. That request was then then allegedly transferred to Israel.

Nasrallah also said that the Saudi Prince told President Trump that he was “willing to pay any price necessary” for Nasrallah’s death, “even at the cost of war.”

Nasrallah stated that both the Saudis and Israelis had helped the Americans in their operation to assassinate Quds Brigade commander Qassem Soleimani in January. He added that the Israelis “provided critical information” and the Saudis were leading a “propaganda campaign” against Soleimani.

Nasrallah stated that, “Trump is so full of himself and so angry at the moment, that he is completely unpredictable.”

“We must act with caution in the coming weeks so as not to be dragged into a confrontation that will allow him to determine the order of events,” he added.

In November 29, Channel 13 News reported that Nasrallah beefed up his personal security detail after the assassination of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

According to the report, Nasrallah worried that he was “next in line” and that “Trump’s final 50 days in office could prove “significantly dangerous.”

Additional reports came out that Nasrallah was running scared and even fled to Iran for sanctuary.

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