PM Netanyahu at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv

Netanyahu said on Monday that the IDF had acted with “determination and responsibility” during the previous day’s exchange of fire with the Hezbollah terror group on the northern border.

By Algemeiner Staff

“The man in the bunker in Beirut knows exactly why he is in a bunker,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu commented, referring to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

“We will continue to do everything necessary in order to maintain the security of Israel on land and sea, and in the air, and we will continue to act against the threat of precision-guided missiles,” he declared.

In Sunday’s incident, Hezbollah targeted an IDF base and vehicles with a barrage of anti-tank missiles. The Israeli military said there were no casualties.

In response, the IDF shelled a number of targets in southern Lebanon.

The border was quiet on Monday, and UN peacekeepers were seen patrolling the area.

Israel had been bracing for potential retaliation from Iran-backed Hezbollah over two recent incidents — an air strike in Syria last in which two Hezbollah fighters plotting a drone attack on the Jewish state were killed and the apparent targeting of a site in Beirut linked to Hezbollah’s precision-guided missiles program.


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Source: United with Israel