The following has been cleared for publication:
The investigation of two Israeli citizens from Majd al-Krum, who were detained for questioning by the ISA on 2 June 2020, has revealed how Hezbollah in Lebanon works to recruit Israeli citizens to work for it in Israel. It has also revealed the identities of Hezbollah recruiters.

The ISA investigation has revealed that Beirut Hamoud, an Israeli citizen from Majd al-Krum, who currently resides in Lebanon together with her husband Bilal Biazari, works for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Beirut works for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, which is linked to Hezbollah. In addition to Beirut’s work as a journalist, the couple work for Hezbollah as locaters and recruiters of Israeli citizens for Hezbollah terrorist activities.
It should be pointed out that the security forces had investigated Beirut in 2013 on suspicion of having been in contact with Hezbollah operatives she met at conferences in Morocco in 2008 and in Tunisia in 2012. In 2013, Beirut left Israel and moved to Lebanon where she married Bilal Biazari.
Pursuant to Beirut’s links to the aforesaid suspects and following a meeting with one in Turkey in December 2019, the two suspects were investigated by the ISA on suspicion that during the visit an attempt had been made to recruit them into Hezbollah by Beirut and her husband.
During the investigation, the link between the two suspects and Beirut was verified. Information was also received about the meeting in Turkey and the manner in which Hezbollah operates through Beirut and her husband in order to recruit additional Israelis for Hezbollah terrorist activities.
Upon the conclusion of their investigation, the suspects were released under restrictive conditions.

As part of its counterterrorist operations, an ISA agent called Biazari in Lebanon, warned him that the ISA was aware of his role as a Hezbollah recruiter despite the journalist cover he and his wife present and said that they must stop their efforts to recruit Israeli citizens.
The ISA will continue to take determined action to monitor and counter any Hezbollah terrorist activity or espionage. The ISA emphasizes the utmost gravity with which it views the exploitation of Israeli citizenship in order to abet terrorism and espionage.”

Source: Israel in the News