Hezbollah Attempts to Infiltrate IDF Base; Fires Anti-Tank Missile

Hezbollah Attempts to Infiltrate IDF Base; Fires Anti-Tank Missile

The Israeli military announced that there had been a “security incident” in the Har Dov region that borders with Lebanon and Syria on Monday afternoon. Media reported a heavy exchange of fire and explosions as residents in northern Israel were told to remain in their houses.

Several terrorists were observed by the IDF approaching the border near the Gladiola outpost. When the terrorists were a few meters inside Israeli territory, the IDF forces opened fire, hitting all the terrorists. The IDF announced that all the enemy forces were killed. During the incident, it is believed that the terrorists attempted to launch an anti-tank missile at the IDF forces .The IDF responded with heavy shelling inside Lebanon by artillery and tank forces, as well as airstrikes.

No injuries on the Israeli side are reported thus far.

Lebanese media reported a two-stage attack against Israel. The first incident was an infiltration attempt with the goal of deploying explosive charges. The second incident involved firing an anti-tank missile at IDF forces. A reporter for the Hezbollah-affiliated Al Manar network later reported that Israel was attacking in the area of Kfarchouba, on the Lebanese side of the border, north of Har Dov.

This is a developing story and will be updated as details are released.

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