Ari Fuld

Before he was killed, Ari Fuld had a dream to honor his friend Yehoshua Freidberg, a fallen IDF soldier, with the creation of a hospitality truck to serve troops in the field. Let’s make Ari’s dream a reality!

By Boomerang – Fighting for Israel

It has been one year since the shock of Ari Fuld’s murder rocked the world. Ari Fuld z”l, a fighter for Israel, soldier, husband, and father, was stabbed and killed in cold blood by a 16-year-old Arab terrorist.

Ari lived as he died – a hero. He chased down the terrorist, shooting and neutralizing him before he was able to claim any more victims. Then Ari succumbed to his wounds.

Prior to Ari’s murder, he was leading a campaign for an organization called Standing Together to purchase a new hospitality truck to serve the men and women of the IDF who are out in the field. The truck was to be dedicated in memory of Ari’s friend, a Canadian lone soldier, Yehoshua Friedberg z”l, who was murdered by Arab terrorists in 1993.

Unfortunately, at the time of his death, Ari had only been able to raise half the money for the truck, leaving the project, and his dream, unfinished.

How does one commemorate such a fierce activist?

You don’t. Instead, you pick up where he left off and continue the work he was doing – which describes The Ari Fuld Project, a nonprofit established by Ari’s widow Miriam.

Gedaliah Blum and Ezri Tubi, of Boomerang – Fighting for Israel, joined hands with The Ari Fuld Project to continue Ari’s work and to commemorate him on his yahrtzeit (the one-year anniversary of his death).

A live internet Stream-A-Thon event for Ari Fuld z”l and Yehoshua Friedberg z”l is set to for broadcast on Thursday, September 26 at 4:00 PM Israel time (9:00 AM EST). Our aim is to bring in thousands of new partners to continue Ari’s work, to which he was so dedicated throughout his life.

After two weeks of campaigning, the project has attracted more than 350 individual partners and raised $40,000. This Thursday, we aim to raise all the funds needed to roll out the truck and honor Ari and Yehoshua, in time for the memorial and dedication ceremony on October 6 (7 Tishrei) to be held in Gush Etzion.

The internet event will be hosted by Avi Abelow and Gedaliah Blum, with guests Herb Friedberg—Yehoshua’s father, members of the Fuld family, friends and activists such as Yishai Fleisher, Ari Abramowitz, and Jeremy Gimpel, in addition to popular musician and inspirational speaker Rabbi Shlomo Katz.

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Source: United with Israel