Hebron: Ex-Spy Jonathan Pollard breaks down in tears during prayer at Tomb of Patriarchs

After serving 30 years in US federal prison and finally ‘coming home’ to Israel in December, ex-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard embarked upon a pilgrimage to the Biblical city of Hebron on Wednesday.

There, the former US Navy analyst took part in the morning Halel prayer that is traditionally recited on the holiday of Passover. He also can be seen reciting the gomel prayer which is said after averting disaster. As a man responsible for alerting Israel against imminent attack, Pollard enjoyed a type of ‘rock-star status’ in the tomb with Israelis gathering around him fighting for selfies.

But the emotion of the prayer service in the first capital of land he sacrificed his life for seemed to be an overwhelming experience as Pollard can be seen emotionally breaking down in tears.

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