Hamas reacted violently to three days of protests by civilians against its misrule and misappropriation of foreign aid intended to alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Unverified footage claims to show a 30-year-old man setting himself on fire in Han Yunis in protest of the dire economic situation.

Arab media posted videos of mass protests that began on Thursday that were heavily suppressed by Hamas security forces. Ma’an News reported that Hamas raided several homes of activists on Sunday, arresting dozens of people. Ma’an claimed that raids targeted members of Fatah, the rival political party. Palestinian human rights groups claimed that Hamas detained several of their researchers. According to Ynet, photographer Osama Kahalut was arrested by Hamas for taking a picture of Friday’s protests.

Videos purport to show Hamas security forces using live fire against protesters.

Hamas took over the rule of Gaza in 2007 from the Palestinian Authority. For the first time in one year Gazans did not answer the Hamas call on Friday to riot along the security fence separating Gaza from Israel. This may have been due to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that came in the wake of a harsh IDF response to rockets fired at Tel Aviv on Thursday night. It may also have been due to the populace disregarding the rule of the Hamas terrorist organization.


Source: Israel in the News