Masked Hamas member

Hamas threatened to intentionally infect Israelis with coronavirus if Qatar does not fork over millions over dollars to the Gaza-based terror group.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

Hamas has relayed messages to Egypt and Qatar threatening to “put half of the Israelis into shelters and increase the number of corona patients” if Qatari financial aid is not handed over to the Gaza Strip in the near future.

The Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper, which has reliable sources in Hamas, claims that in response to Hamas’ threats, Israel responded that it would not tolerate renewed attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’ demands come as it seeks to increase aid to the Gaza Strip due to the state of emergency in dealing with the coronavirus and following fears that Qatari aid to Gaza will be postponed.

Al Akhbar reported that Hamas is demanding that mediator countries pressure Israel to provide medical equipment to prevent the spread of the virus, which has already been detected in the Gaza Strip.

The Qataris previously announced that there will be no changes to their plans and that the monthly financial aid will be transferred to the Strip, but they are looking for another way to transfer the money, given the restrictions on air traffic in the area and the lack of international flights. They are seeking to transfer the funds in a way that does not require the presence of the Qatari ambassador in the Gaza Strip.

Last month, the Qataris transferred a total of $16 million, including a $100 grant to 120,000 poor families.

Meanwhile, Hamas Health Ministry Director-General Yusef Abu Al-Rish announced that two civilians, who returned from Pakistan last Thursday, were infected with the virus.

Abu al-Rish also called for the closure of restaurants, cafes and event halls and for the halt of Friday prayers at mosques until further notice.

Meanwhile, residents of the Gaza Strip are leaking reports of harsh conditions at the Marmara School, which has been converted into a temporary isolation facility for suspected Corona carriers. They said they slept on mattresses that were placed on the floor and were not being examined by doctors.

The Commodore Hotel, which has also been converted into an isolation facility, is treating patients with chronic and heart diseases.

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Source: United with Israel