Hamas Terror Tunnel Expert Captured by Israel Spills the Beans

Hamas Gaza

Israel’s security forces have captured a veteran Hamas terrorist who has been providing a treasure trove of information on Hamas’ terror tunnel network, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) stated Thursday.

The Shin Bet’s statement came the same day as Israel announced it had exposed a second terror tunnel running from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The terrorist, Mohammed Atownah, 29, was arrested at the beginning of April as he infiltrated into Israel from Gaza armed with two knives, on his way to murder IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

Atownah has been a member of Hamas’ Izzadin- Al-Qasam Brigades for the past 10 years and has participated in a wide array of actions against the IDF, including the placing of explosive devices and involvement in Hamas’ terror tunnel efforts.

He provided the Shin Bet investigators with diverse information on Hamas’ tunnel network – locations, routes, its modus operandi, the use of homes and institutions as a mode of concealment and the construction materials used to build them.

terror tunnel

IDF forces expose a terror tunnel during Operation Protective Edge. (IDF)

He shared that the tunnels, intended to be used by Hamas’ elite Nukhbah forces in an upcoming attack on Israel, are fitted with places to rest, eating spaces and showers.

He also provided names of key Hamas’ commanders involved in the tunnel program and in its military.

Atownah also gave away information on Hamas arm caches. Atownah stored a massive amount of military equipment in his house, which was meant to be distributed and used in an attack on Israel.

The Shin Bet also revealed that Atownah is one of several Hamas terrorists in custody, who together have provided Israel’s security forces with much-needed intelligence on Hamas’ activities and tunnel network.

Atownah will be indicted in a Be’ersheva court in the coming days.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel