Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida

The Hamas terrorist organization, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, will continue acting to release all its fighters who are currently imprisoned in Israel, according to the spokesman for its military wing.

“Two years after the war, the Al-Qassam Brigades still continues to prepare and train for victory,” stated Abu Obeidah, spokesman for the Hamas military wing.  “We announce that we will continue operating to release our prisoners and we warn the enemy not to hurt them.”

Abu Obeida made his remarks at a military parade in the Gazan city of Rafah, commemorating a number of leaders of the terrorist organization’s military wing who were killed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Several Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip had been struck by the IDF earlier on Sunday, in response to a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip that landed in a backyard in nearby Israeli city of Sderot.

“The IDF will continue acting with determination at any time to preserve the security of residents of the State of Israel,” the IDF spokesperson’s unit said after the IDF operation.

Abu Obeida claimed that the continued “besiegement” of Gaza by the IDF will not succeed in maintaining calm for Israel’s citizens living in the Gaza Belt communities.

”The enemy’s leadership continues to besiege Gaza,” charged Abu Obeida. “They feel that this will break us. The siege will not prevent the al-Qassam Brigades from developing their abilities and it will not ensure calm.”

“The al-Qassam Brigades warn the enemy of any stupid act it may do,” added Obeida.

By: Jonathan Benedek/TPS

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Source: United with Israel