Hamas releases recording of hostage Noa Argamani

Hamas releases recording of hostage Noa Argamani

Hamas on Friday evening released what is believed to be an audio recording of Noa Argamani, an Israeli student taken hostage on Oct. 7.

In the recording, a woman’s voice pleads with Israelis to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, accusing it of being willing to let the captives die.

“Please, don’t let Netanyahu and the government kill us,” the voice says. “Save us. Time is running out.” Of the more than 250 people taken captive by Hamas on Oct. 7, 125 are still being held in the Gaza Strip.

The recording calls on the people of Israel to “go out into the streets, men and women, block the streets of Tel Aviv, and don’t go home until we return,” adding, “Do you support the Netanyahu, Gallant and Gantz government?”

Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Minister without Portfolio Benny Gantz comprise Israel’s War Cabinet.

While Hamas did not explicitly claim the voice belonged to Argamani, officials from the forum representing families of captives said they believed it was her. Argamani’s family authorized the broadcast of the recording.

In January, Hamas released footage of Argamani along with two Israeli male captives. In that footage, the captives made statements that were almost certainly coerced for propaganda purposes. The two male hostages were already dead at the time the video was released.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad recently released two videos of hostage Sasha Trufanov. In the most recent video, released on May 30, Trufanov refers to Israel’s May 5 decision to shutter Al Jazeera‘s Israel bureau.

Trufanov, who holds dual Russian-Israeli citizenship, was kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz along with his mother, grandmother and girlfriend, all of whom were among those released in November as part of a deal with Hamas.

In the video released on Thursday, Trufanov addresses both his parents, seemingly unaware that his father was murdered by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Originally published by Israel Hayom.

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