Branches inside the terror tunnel leading to different points in Israeli territory. (Photo: IDF/ Facebook)

Hamas on Sunday sent a delegation to Egypt in an effort to beseech Egyptian security officials to stop destroying its tunnels out of Gaza.

These terror tunnels, employed by the terrorist group for nearly a decade, are used to store weapons, smuggle supplies, and infiltrate enemy territory – Israel – as well as carry out surprise attacks in which people are killed and soldiers abducted.

The Hamas representatives, led by Moussa Abu Marzouk, presented their case to Egyptian intelligence authorities. They attempted to assuage Egypt’s hostilities by clarifying Cairo’s mistake in thinking that they have connections to terror groups in the Sinai Peninsula. Additionally, the delegation explained Hamas is not involved in the attacks which are plaguing the Sinai region and has no relationship with the terror organizations executing the attacks.

Marzouk then requested that Egypt cease flooding the area above Hamas tunnels, which has caused several of the tunnels to collapse in recent weeks, killing diggers and sinking homes close by. In exchange, Marzouk pledged a partnership with Egypt to investigate and terminate the attacks occurring in the Sinai Peninsula, which are carried out by an ISIS affiliate.

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In response to Hamas’s plea, Egypt said it would consider fulfilling some of the requests, but only on the condition that Hamas proves it has completely cut off all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. Further, the terrorist group must guarantee it will either refrain from carrying out attacks within Egyptian territory or train its forces to bypass Egyptians completely.

This apparent partnership between Hamas and Egypt is certainly worrisome to Israel, which has relied on Egypt’s efforts against the terrorist group to protect its own civilians from attacks carried out via the tunnel method.

Over the years, the United Nations has contributed millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which is meant for humanitarian aid, building schools and hospitals, ultimately creating a viable, thriving state in Gaza. Instead, Hamas leaders have seized the money, which it uses to fund the building of these terror tunnels, some of which are even big enough for trucks to pass through, Egypt recently reported.

Mysteriously, at least half a dozen terror tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel have collapsed since the start of 2016, killing nearly 20 diggers. Hamas has attributed the collapse of their tunnel infrastructure to Israel and Egypt, additionally noting that the heavy rains in Israel this past season are also to blame.


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