Government Tells All Israeli Travelers in Sinai to Leave Immediately

In the wake of two deadly Church bombings in Egypt on Sunday, the Israeli government told all its citizens travelling in the Sinai Peninsula to leave immediately and return to Israel.

“The fatal terrorist attacks which took place today reflect once again the terror capability of the Islamic State,” the Israeli government anti-terror bureau said in a statement quoted by AFP. “In light of the gravity of the threat, the anti-terror bureau advises Israelis currently in the Sinai to leave immediately and return to Israel.”

The bureau cited, “further escalation in the severity of the threat posed to Israelis visiting Sinai and its immediate surroundings”.

The Bureau requested that all Israelis located in Sinai contact them directly for status updates.

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Channel 2 News reported that approximately 17,000 Israelis visited the Sinai so far this year. The Sinai is a prime vacation spot for Israelis. Ironically, many see Passover as an opportunity to vacation in Egypt.

The warning comes in the wake of a double bombing on Sunday in Egypt, one in Alexandria and the other in the city of Tanta. At least 44 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the attacks on two Coptic churches on the Christian holiday Palm Sunday. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed credit for the attacks. In a televised speech addressing the nation, Egyptian President Sisi declared a three-month countrywide state of emergency.

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