GOOD NEWS ISRAEL: Startup Nation Leads Health-tech Revolution, Israeli Company Kills Viruses, and More!


The Startup Nation makes major advances in remote healthcare and telemedicine; Israeli company develops sanitation tunnel that sprays incomers with safe anti-viral disinfectant; Government injects NIS 1 billion to upgmrade Israel’s road and rail network, and more!

By Michael Ordman


A health-tech revolution

Newsletter subscribers will know that the coronavirus pandemic has fast tracked the merger of Israeli high tech with the health sector. This article highlights some of Israel’s major advances in remote healthcare and telemedicine that are saving lives thanks to an improved regulatory approval process.

Virus-killing sanitation tunnel

Israel’s RD PACK has developed a sanitation tunnel that sprays incomers with a safe anti-viral disinfectant. The tunnel can be placed at the entrance to stadiums, hospitals, airports, schools or office buildings. It is being piloted at the VIP entrance to Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv.

Roads and rail upgraded

The Israeli Government has injected over NIS 1 billion to upgrade Israel’s road and rail network during the pandemic’s lull in traffic. The final stretch of the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv fast train and the expansion of a central Israel highway will be finished six months to a year ahead of schedule.

Smart way to tackle weeds

Israel’s Greeneye (mentioned here previously) utilizes Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies to revolutionize the weed control process in agriculture. It accurately detects weeds at the species level and then sprays with precision in real-time, avoiding dangerous, wasteful use of pesticides.,7340,L-3827256,00.html

Developing Facebook’s digital wallet

Facebook Vice President Tomer Barel is Chief Operating Officer at Israel’s Novi, the team developing the main components of Facebook’s digital wallet – also to be called Novi. He expressed his pride to be part of the thriving technology community in Israel.,7340,L-3827475,00.html

Generator for remote villages

Israel’s Aquarius Engines (reported here previously) is launching a field test of its revolutionary lightweight linear engine on a Philippines island where residents have no access to electricity. Aquarius is partnering with Nokia to bring electricity to remote populations and telecommunications centers.

Google’s wireless earphones have Israel inside

Israel’s DSPG makes the chip that provides Artificial Intelligence for Google’s new wireless earphones. It includes voice-activation and instant translation. DSPG also produces the chip is responsible for the entire audio system of the Panasonic Technics headset.


Alerting lifeguards to swimmers in danger

Israel’s Sightbit uses AI and computer vision technology to detect and prevent drowning, as swimmers return to Israel’s beaches. Sightbit’s pilot program at the popular Palmachim Beach aims to turn the area into one of the first “smart” beaches in Israel.

Join the virtual Houseparty

With 50 million sign-ups in March alone, the app Houseparty, developed by Israel’s Life On Air, has become a top competitor to Zoom, especially among younger crowds. Houseparty recently hosted a 3-day virtual party “In the House” with Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, John Legend and Snoop.

Discover your data leaks

Israel’s uses network analytics, repository scanning, plus management interfaces to discover personal and sensitive data that a company does not even know about. Only then can the company protect that data from accidental or deliberate unauthorized exposure.,7340,L-3829911,00.html


How do you compare with your competitors?

The intelligence platform of Israel’s Watchful reveals useful information about the product strategy of competitors by analyzing their apps. It provides detailed information on the changes that their applications are undergoing and compares it to your own company’s app.,7340,L-3829997,00.html (an example of Watchful’s app analysis)



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Source: United with Israel