Arabs and Jews in Israel

Israeli Muslim police commander highlights equality of Israel’s Arab citizens at UN; Palestinian Arabs work alongside Israeli Jews in the Jordan Valley, producing the best Majhoul dates in the world; Israel helps to conserve the rare griffin vulture; and more!

By Michael Ordman


Israeli Muslim Arab police chief speaks at UN

Newsletter readers can follow (see here) the career of Maj-Gen Jamal Hakoush. The Israeli Muslim police commander recently highlighted the equality of Israel’s Arab citizens, at the World Conference against Discrimination and Racism at the United Nations in Geneva.

Producing dates together

An enlightening video of the Jordan Valley company producing the best Majhoul dates in the world. It features Palestinian Arabs working alongside Israeli Jews, cooperation with Jordanian farmers, innovative tech and water recycling. Note – please turn on English subtitles / captions.

Free holiday trees again

The Jerusalem Municipality announced the usual annual distribution of complimentary Christmas trees to Jerusalem residents celebrating Christmas. Its website states that trees are being distributed on Thursday morning, 19th Dec at the Jaffa Gate Plaza.

Protecting endangered species

This newsletter has preciously featured articles (see here) about Israeli efforts to conserve the rare griffin vulture. This year a record 24 vulture eggs were hatched and incubated as part of a special project called “Spreading Wings.”

Mossad helps Denmark prevent terror attacks

Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency has been cited as being behind successful efforts with Denmark to bust a cell of 20 terrorists planning a series of attacks.

Promoting medical clowns in India

This article highlights the visit by Israel’s Nir Raz to promote the introduction of medical clown therapy to children’s wards at hospitals in India. Raz emphasized that in Israel, almost every hospital has a medical clown. The therapy strengthens children’s ability to fight diseases.

Battling measles in Samoa

A team of nurses, pediatricians and physiotherapists from Israel’s Sheba hospital, led by Dr. Itai Pessach – all with expertise in pediatrics and intensive care – have arrived in Samoa to help fight a measles outbreak that has killed 65 (mostly children) and infected over 4,400.


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Source: United with Israel