6,000 celebrate Birthright’s 18th year; Evidence of biblical Shilo uncovered; Prince William visits Israel, and more.

By: Michael Ordman


6,000 celebrate 18 years of Birthright

The Taglit-Birthright Israel initiative celebrated its 18th anniversary with a festive gala in Jerusalem Wednesday.‎  Some 6,000 participants from around the world, were joined by 1,500 Israeli ‎soldiers at the Sultan’s Pool, Jerusalem, for the biggest celebration in the ‎organization’s history.‎

Biblical evidence uncovered at Shiloh

The Bible records that after conquering the promised land, Joshua set up the Tabernacle at ancient Shiloh, where it remained for 369 years. Findings all around the site give clear indication of an ancient civilization, with remnants of sacrifices to reinforce the Biblical narrative.

Prince William visits Israel

Over 70 years after the end of the British mandate and the founding of the modern State of Israel, a member of the British monarchy made a historic first official visit.  On 25th June, Prince William, grandson of the Queen of England, stepped off an RAF jet at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

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Source: United with Israel