University of Munster (Wikimedia)

In June, an anti-BDS motion was passed by university student groups affiliated with major German political parties at the first German-Israel student conference held in Frankfurt.

By United With Israel Staff

A resolution against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign passed by the student parliament for the University of Münster in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The Green student group (CampusGrün Münster) was the first signatory of the motion that passed in June at the first German-Israel student conference held in Frankfurt.

They posted on Facebook, “We clearly position ourselves against any form of anti-Semitism and reject the boycott efforts against Israel. In particular, we are positioning ourselves against the BDS movement and oppose any cooperation with [it].”

The resolution was also signed by the Jewish Student Union Germany, Youth Forum of the German-Israeli Friendship Society and the umbrella organization for student groups in Germany (FZS), reported the Post.

The resolution states, “For us, any cooperation with BDS, its actors, supporters and partners is excluded.”

It continues, “The boycott campaign against Israel represents a particularly aggressive expression of [anti-]Israel anti-Semitism, for which there can be no room at German universities.”

Felix Schmitz, a spokesman for the Green student group, wrote on Twitter, “An alliance across the political spectrum sending a strong signal against any kind of anti-Semitism and against BDS – I hope with this unity we are more effective in excluding anti-Semitism from universities and creating spaces where Jews feel welcome and safe any time.”

Member of the executive board of Jewish Student Union Germany Ruben Gerczikow tweeted that more solidarity is needed with Israel.

The student groups behind the anti-BDS resolution range from the Christian Democratic students and Young Socialists student groups, to the Liberal student groups and Green Party student associations. The FZS and the youth forum of the German-Israeli Society also played a role in supporting the anti-BDS resolution, according to the Post.

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Source: United with Israel