On the seventh day of creation, Hashem (God) ceased the creative process and rested. The seventh day of every week is called Shabbat. On this days, Jews emulate Hashem by ceasing to use creative powers and instead rest. By observing Shabbat, Jews affirm their belief in Hashem as the Creator of the universe who is responsible for all that happens in the world. The Land of Israel also has a Shabbat of its own, once every seven years. By abandoning the fields of Israel once every seven years, allowing them to rest, and putting our sustenance in the hands of Hashem, we affirm our belief that He is intimately involved in everything that happens in our lives. We owe all of our successes to Hashem, and we believe that He will provide for us, even during the Sabbatical year when we are not working the land. On Shabbat, it is customary for Jews to greet each other with the phrase Shabbat Shalom (Have a peaceful Sabbath). Wishing all of our readers a Shabbat Shalom!

Source: Israel in the News