Sources in Hamas-controlled Gaza have warned Egypt and Qatar that if they don’t get their money, they will send half of Israel into bomb shelters and increase the number of patients with Coronavirus report Channel 20.

The Lebanese newspaper “Al Akhbar”, who has close ties to Hamas and often uses them as a source, claims that Israel told the terror organization that they would not tolerate renewed rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip despite Hamas threats.

The threats have been renewed under Hamas leadership in an effort to increase aid to Gaza in light of their state of emergency and that the coronavirus brought upon them. The report also adds that the Hamas leadership fears that their funding will dry up compelling them to force Israel’s hand with threats of renewed attacks.

Additionally, “Al Akhbar” claims that Hamas is demanding that the intermediaries apply pressure on Israel to provide medical supplies and equipment to prevent the pandemic’s spread, which has already surfaced in the Gaza Strip.

A health department official in Gaza told the Israeli news agency TPS that there is no direct relationship with Israel. He added that 500 kits have so far been submitted by the World Health Organization, with the Israel’s agreement, and that the tests conducted in Gaza had to be transferred to Ramallah for lab testing. He added that an independent laboratory has been established in Gaza. “We are assisting the authorities in Ramallah, but we have no contact with any of the Israeli officials,” – he said.

Qatar has already confirmed that  the money will be transferred to the Strip as scheduled. However, they are currently considering alternative means of transfer due to the restrictions on international flights that are inhibiting the transfer. 

Source: Israel in the News