Former Bishop of Canterbury compares Greta Thunberg to Prophet Jeremiah

Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury (Photo via Wikipedia)

Greta Thun

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Williams told participants via Zoom at last week’s Korsvei festival in Norway that teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is a prophet on the level of the Biblical Prophet Jeremiah.

At an ecumenical conference held July 20-25 in Seljord, the former Bishop of Canterbury was the keynote speaker. He was asked about modern examples of prophets.

“God has raised up a prophet in Greta Thunberg in a way that no one could predict. She has said things that no one else could have said. Thank God for her!”, he said, adding she was “a very good example of a prophetic voice” who like Jeremiah roused the spiritually slumbering, as quoted by the newspaper Vårt Land.

The former Bishop is more completely identified as Rowan Douglas Williams, Baron Williams of Oystermouth, PC (member of the British Privy Council), FBA (Fellow of the British Academy), FRSL (Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature), FLSW (Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales). He was Archbishop of Canterbury, i.e., head of the Anglican Communion and the highest spiritual position within the Anglican Church including the Episcopal Church in the United States, from 2002-2012.

This is not the first time the 18-year-old activist with Asperger’s Syndrome has been identified as having holy attributes. In 2018, the Archbishop of Sweden Antje Jackelén describe her as Thunberg “Jesus’s successor”.

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