Forget Global Warming, Real Concern is Geomagnetic Shifting

On Wednesday, the United States government is due to release a report showing that the magnetic north pole is shifting far more quickly than previously thought, indicating something strange is happening deep beneath the earth’s crust.

On January 30, the World Magnetic Model governing modern navigation systems is due to undergo an unscheduled update. This update, delayed because of the U.S. Government shutdown, is a vital component of almost every navigational system in use today. The current model set up in 2015 was expected to remain valid until 2020 but the magnetic pole is shifting so quickly that officials decided it needed to be adjusted.

Illustrative: Global Magnetic field. (Credit: helenos/

The magnetic pole is mostly the result of ferrous fluids moving around in the earth’s core. In the last 30 years, the rate of distance that the magnetic north pole moves per year sped up from about 9.3 miles per year to around 34 miles per year, moving out of northern Canada, across the Arctic Ocean, and toward Siberia.

Yuval Ovadia, whose films on Nibiru have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, attributes this recent anomaly in the magnetic pole to the approach of the mega-star and its accompanying constellation.

“Scientists would agree that a large astronomical body would create a disturbance in the magnetic field,” Ovadia told Breaking Israel News. “A star of that size would necessarily have its own magnetic field and that would exert an influence on the ferrous fluids.”

The magnetic pole naturally moves and has even been known to shift hemispheres, turning the magnetic north pole into the magnetic south pole. As the poles shift, the magnetic field weakens. Scientists do not entirely understand the processes behind these shifts but they previously thought such a dramatic movement required several centuries. A recent study  of fossilized magnetization in rocks indicated a geomagnetic reversal that took place fewer than 100,000 years ago. The study concluded that a complete flip of magnetic poles happened over the course of 144 years.

The last complete geomagnetic reversal occurred about 780,000 years ago. Modern geomagnetic measurements have shown that Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly fading, by almost 16 percent since the year 1840.

Ovadia suggest that such a pole shift will presage the arrival of Nibiru. He based this on his research into classical Jewish sources.

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“The Midrash states that God initiated the flood in the time of Noah by moving two stars,” Ovadia explained. “This caused a shift in the poles of the world; the north became the south, dry land became oceans, and oceans dried up. Nibiru will shift the magnetic poles back to what they were before Noah. As a result, people will live much longer, for hundreds of years, as it was described in the Bible before Noah.”

Ovadia stated that the Messianic process bringing about this pre-diluvian reality is described in awe-inspiring, even fearsome terms in the Bible but the results will be quite Utopian.

“Scientists and Western culture depict earlier eras as much worse,” Ovadia said. “They try to make people believe that technology is the answer to everything, that more technology means a better life. Messiah is in the future, hopefully, the very near future. But it will have many elements of Biblical times that will be a vast improvement over what we have now; no wars, no disease or famine, and nature will be revived.”

“So they are trying to sell the public on global warming, claiming that scientists can fix it by controlling the climate,” Ovadia said. “They don’t really understand climate change and they certainly can’t control the weather. But they don’t want to talk about magnetic shift because they can’t control it and what they know about it is turning out to be wrong.”

Scientists confirm that the magnetic pole shift is happening and that it will have a major impact on the planet. Researchers estimated that the planet’s magnetic field has already lost 30 percent of its intensity in the last 3,000 years and predict it will drop to near zero in the next few centuries. This phenomenon referred to as South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is blamed for an increasing number of electronic failures of navigation and communication satellites and may affect earth-bound power grids. The shifting polarity of the planet may also be behind outbreaks of migrating birds becoming confused and dying.

This reduction in the planet’s magnetic field may have another, more alarming implication than merely inconveniencing navigation. The magnetic field shields the earth from most of the harmful radiation and particles emitted from the sun.

An article this week in Undark quoted Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, who is one of the world’s experts on how cosmic radiation affects the Earth. Baker expressed fears that parts of the planet will become uninhabitable during such a magnetic reversal. The dangers could include devastating streams of particles from the sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet B-rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer, to name just a few.

Indeed, shortly after the first geomagnetic polarity time scales were produced, scientists began exploring the possibility that reversals could be linked to extinctions based on the hypothesis that high-energy particles trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt could be liberated and bombard the Earth. Tests of correlations between extinctions and reversals are difficult. Statistical analysis shows no evidence for a correlation between reversals and extinctions but the possibility has not been ruled out.

Another more aesthetic but less Biblical side-effect of the shifting magnetic poles may be the appearance of picturesque Aurorae Borealis, known also as the Northern Lights, much further south than is currently being seen. So as the magnetic north pole drops down to the southern half of the planet, the entirety of the world’s population will have the opportunity to praise the beauty of God’s creation.

Source: Israel in the News