pride parade

Gay ‘Pride’ Parades in Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Haifa and Jerusalem have all been postponed until the end of the summer due to Health Ministry regulations reports NRG. The marches were originally scheduled to take place in June – ‘Pride month’.

Pride marches in Israel have not been cancelled since they began 22 years ago in 1998.

A joint statement was released by the LGBT movement’s branches throughout Israel saying: “During the usual Pride month – June, we expect to hold several events in larger and smaller cities, most of them virtually and in collaboration with both community groups and local organizations.” The statement stressed that “the events will mark the LGBT struggle for equality alongside expressing solidarity with the difficulties experienced by residents of Israel and a salute to health professionals and all assisting bodies.”

Itai Pinkas Arad, a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council and LGBT portfolio handler, told NRG that “We can not and must not stop the struggle for LGBT equality – we will not let our rights be trampled on in its stead. However, it is clear that the parades we have been marching in ever since the first (Pride) parade in Tel Aviv In 1998, that this will be a huge event that could endanger its participants. ” Arad added: “We prioritize maintaining the health of civilians, supporting disadvantaged sector within our community and partnering with the concerns of all of our existence – all of which is done as a community that is part of Israeli society. We hope to 


Source: Israel in the News