In this period of coronavirus in which public gatherings are not possible, the Israel Antiquities Authority is pleased to invite the public to participate in the first-ever international conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls taking place May 17 – May 20, 2020.
More than three dozen scholars from around the world will gather online to share new research and discoveries on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the public is invited to participate from the comfort of home. Registration is required for each day and capacity is limited.
Hear from scholars and experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority, University of Haifa, Yeshiva University, University of Manchester, Hebrew University, Yale University, University of Nebraska, University of Groningen, Bar Ilan University, Brite Divinity School, Catholic University of America, University of Maryland, University of Birmingham, New York University, University of Vienna, McMaster University, University of North Carolina, University of Toronto, Oxford University, University of Notre Dame, Uppsala University, University of Kansas, and Universität Göttingen.
Please note that some lectures may assume a background in Dead Sea Scrolls scholarship.
Session topics include: Canon and Authority; Archaeology, Realia and Science; Interpreting Dead Sea Scrolls Texts; Science, Technology and the Scrolls; Ideology and Theology; Qumran and the Sect; Hebrew Bible and its Interpretation; Cave 11 and the Temple Scroll; Law and Liturgy
This virtual conference is presented free to the public by the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority in collaboration with NYU, Global Network for Advanced Research in Jewish Studies & the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

For any questions about the schedule or registration process, please send an email to

Source: Israel in the News