FB Disables Account of Christian Who Complained Against Pro-Hamas Terrorist Posts

FB Disables Account of Christian Who Complained Against Pro-Hamas Terrorist Posts

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Ah, Those who call evil good And good evil; Who present darkness as light And light as darkness; Who present bitter as sweet And sweet as bitter! Isaiah 5:20, The Israel Bible

A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous (so I will call him George), phoned me this evening to tell me what happened to him with Facebook. He is a Christian, and years ago, he moved from an Arab country to the United States to have a life of greater freedom. He speaks and reads both English and Arabic fluently. He has a “friend” on Facebook who is a Physician in Saudi Arabia, Mahmoud Al Araby.

Mahmoud would post on Facebook daily with posts in Arabic that were inciting violence against Israel and the IDF, such as:

Here is the news today! Your heroes (Hamas terrorists) killed 10 IDF soldiers today!” and
The media is lying. We are making headway in Gaza! We are winning the war against the IDF!”
Today 20 IDF soldiers were trapped in one of the Gaza tunnels. Our heroes came out of nowhere and shot and killed them! Allah Akbar!”

So, my friend, George, who reads Arabic, reported this abusive content to Facebook, complaining to them that this person is promoting violence and incitement on the Facebook platform. This is a clear violation of their Community Standards. Certainly, we can all agree that Hamas is a dangerous terrorist organization, right? You would think that this is a clear violation of Community Standards on Facebook, right?

Not so! After doing a review of George’s complaint, Facebook came back to him and told him that Mahmoud Al Araby’s posts were within Facebook Community standards.

George continued to see the hateful posts against Israel, the Jews, and the IDF in the Gaza war and so he resent his complaint and asked for a second review of Mahmoud’s posts.

Three days later, Facebook came back and  DISABLED George’s account! Permanently!

George had been on Facebook for over 20 years and had always been in good standing with them. He was in the middle of a travel trip when his account was disabled and he was cut off from his FB messenger travel group. They had been sending him maps and info for his trip.

He cannot sign on. There is absolutely NO RECOURSE. There is no appeal process. There is NO phone number to call. He tried reaching out to support@FB.com and there has been no reply.

He tried reaching out to a specialty help desk outside of Facebook, and the technician told him that this happens to LOTS of people, and when your account is disabled, you have NO RECOURSE.

Isaiah 5:20 talks about a day when good is called evil and evil is called good. Truly, we are living in those days now!

So, the pro-Hamas terrorist doctor in Saudi Arabia still has an active Facebook account, and my friend, George, a Christian, who, in good faith, was trying to report Mahmoud for inciting violence and terrorism is now KICKED OFF Facebook!

Folks, it’s time to BOYCOTT Facebook! PERMANENTLY!

Life is BETTER without Facebook!

Previously published by Bridge Connector Ministries

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