Far-left groups organize with goal of disrupting 2024 presidential debate

Far-left groups organize with goal of disrupting 2024 presidential debate

A new report shows that an alliance of radical activists has come together to protest in Atlanta during Thursday’s presidential debate between U.S. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“The forces behind this planned disruption of the presidential debate would like to have you believe that they were triggered by Israel’s ‘genocide,’” writes Ryan Mauro, an investigative journalist at the Capital Research Center. “But the truth, based on their own words and actions, is that they are volunteers for an international campaign of terrorism and sedition that wants to dismantle the U.S.”

He names the groups involved as Stop Cop City/Defend the Atlanta Forest; Community Movement Builders in Atlanta; the Atlanta Multifaith Coalition for Palestine; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; Democratic Socialists of America; Jewish Voice for Peace; Housing Justice League; Georgia Youth Justice Coalition; American Friends Service Committee; and the Atlanta branch of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.

JNS asked Mauro to explain the importance of understanding these groups and their plans.

“The ‘Stop Cop City/Defend the Atlanta Forest’ group and overall cause has a vividly demonstrated ability to recruit, train, coalesce and incite anarchist-type extremists,” he told JNS. “Dozens of their militants are being prosecuted in Georgia on charges related to domestic terrorism, and the group has a large and fanatical online presence.”

And, as Mauro noted, “the debate is happening right in its backyard.”

He said that the others in the coalition “are almost all pro-Hamas and Communist, or anarchist or anarcho-Communist.”

Calling the danger posed by the protests “even greater than a physical security risk to those at the debate location,” Mauro told JNS of the “potential for a successful disruption to stir anti-Israel and anti-American extremists nationwide into a frenzy and mislead the American people into thinking this is activism with a righteous motivation, even if they disagree with this particular action.”

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