Pro-Israel journalist Mohammed Saud, who was spat on for walking on the Temple Mount last month, has told Israel’s Channel 13 that he met with Yair Netanyahu and “feels at home in Israel.”

Following the viral video of Saud getting attacked on the Temple Mount, an Israeli news station followed up with the now-famous journalist who was all smiles when asked about his experience in Israel.

He mentions that he not only met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but that he also met with his son, Yair Netanyahu who recently spoke to a group of Christians supporting Israel in Alabama. Saud called him a “dear friend”.

“We spoke about mutual interests such as foreign policy in the face of Iran and the Iranian dictatorship,” Saud said. Regarding Yair’s father, Bibi, the blogger added: “Thank you. I love you. In Israel, I feel at home. I love the state of Israel. I want to see you (Israelis) in Saudi Arabia”.

“We in the Saudi kingdom and Gulf states share the traits of the Middle East so it won’t be a shock when you visit Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states”.

Saud lists some of his favorite Israeli singers including Ofra Haza, Zohar Argov and Eden Ben Zaken. He also compliments the food in Israel as well saying that he’s “never eaten so well”.

But the blogger warns about one mutual enemy saying: “There is one country that is the cause of all of the problems in the Middle East and that is the Iranian regime”. When asked if he’d like to see Israel take steps to bring down the regime, Saud replied saying: “I hope so because I believe that it is a terrorist regime”.

When asked about his widely seen attack on the Temple Mount, Saud blasted the Palestinian Arabs saying: “They shouldn’t exploit children for political causes. I am a peace activist that came to pray in the Al Aksa mosque. No one has the right to prevent freedom of worship for anyone.”

“I thank the Israeli government and Israeli nation. God willing, there will be more visits. “



Source: Israel in the News