Expert Panel Warns: Israel Must Take Food Insecurity Seriously. More Aid is Needed

According to Haaretz, The National Nutrition Security Council has recommended that the government should increase the amount of Israeli families who receive public food security assistance from 11,000 families to around 25,000. 

The Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry is currently discussing the option of increasing funding for the national food security program. But even if the recommendation is approved, food security assistance will only cover less than 20 percent of the families who need it, according to the council’s chairman Professor Dov Chernichovsky. The council believes that there are hundreds of thousands of families in need of this type of aid.

This means that the remaining hungry families will have to search for other means of obtaining the food they so desperately need. Luckily for them, Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens are currently gearing up for the sudden influx of families suffering from food insecurity. 

“We see the faces behind the numbers, with three times the normal number of clients reaching out for our help” said Mimi Rozmaryn, Director of Global Development at Meir Panim.

“Our staff are shouldering this burden, taking care of the newly food insecure, with many referrals from local welfare offices.” 

Meir Panim is currently soliciting donations to help weather the current storm of coronavirus to help feed Israeli families experiencing food insecurity for the first time.

This means that now can be your opportunity to donate whatever you can to prevent hunger 

from afflicting the citizens of Israel. Donate whatever you can to Meir Panim today. 

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