Hashem describes the Land of Israel to Moses as “a land flowing with milk and honey.” Milk and honey share a paradoxical quality. Milk, which is kosher and permitted to be consumed by Jews, is produced by cows, whose meat is also kosher and permitted to be eaten by Jews. On the other hand, honey which is a kosher food, is produced by honey-bees which are non-kosher insects and forbidden to be consumed by Jews. The bounty of the Land of Israel will come from a cow, a kosher animal, and a honey-bee a non-kosher insect! From this we can learn that the goodness of Israel will often come from places where is least expected. Today, we see the words of the Bible coming to life as the Land of Israel is indeed flowing with milk and honey. Israel is home to many thriving bee farms that produce delicious and award-winning honey.

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