One of the central characters of the Passover store is Moshe (Moses). Moshe was the greatest of all of Israel’s leaders. Although Moshe had an intimate relationship with Hashem (God), he is identified as the most humble person to ever live (Numbers 12:3). The name Moshe is a constant reminder of his modest origins. According to the Jewish Sages, Moshe actually had ten names, but out of appreciation to Pharaoh’s daughter who saved him from the Nile River, he is referred to by the name she have him; Moshe which means ‘I have drawn him from the water’. Tonight, Jews around the world will begin celebrating Passover with a celebratory meal known as a seder. At the seder, the exodus story will be re-told in remembrance of the miracles and wonders that Hashem performed for the Children of Israel as He redeemed them from slavery and delivered them into freedom.

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