Last month, award-winning journalist and founder of Exploits Ministry, Christine Darg, was honored with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus lifetime achievement award for tourism and contributions to Israel, given together with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the World Jewish Congress.

She received the award, presented as a part of the 12th annual Night to Honor our Christian Allies in Jerusalem, co-sponsored by Israel365, in the presence of Knesset members and government officials. It was her most recent of some 300 trips to Israel.

Dard said she received a “divine call” to activism for Israel that she believes led to her award, and so many other aspects of her professional and personal life.

Darg first visited Israel in 1975, just after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. She, a journalist, and her London-born husband Peter, a broadcaster, loved to travel. They went to Israel on a student ticket that cost $13 and immediately upon landing, Christine was “amazed.”

“I felt so surprised when we landed and people on the airplane applauded,” Darg told Breaking Israel News. “Even though I’d been brought up in a pastor’s home and knew the Bible, I didn’t know that Israel would hit me like that. I felt like I had come home,” she said.

From an early age, Darg’s southern minister parents also taught her great reverence for the Jewish people. She recalled her first book of ABCs, where A stood for Abraham: “I’ve always felt that the Jewish people were my extended family,” said Darg.

Darg reflected on how painful it was to leave Israel after that first trip, and recalled “always plotting ways to get back to attend a conference or press tour.” The Dargs experienced “divine discontent” and decided to quit their jobs in secular journalism to start their careers in Biblical journalism, starting at the 700 Club, a program of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

When given the choice to begin work in London or Jerusalem, Darg’s husband preferred London, his hometown, but at a Church meeting, the Pastor gave Peter Darg a revelation about Biblical prophecy and Israel, regarding the oath to never forget Jerusalem and the restoration of the Holy Temple:

“If I forget you, O Yerushalayim, let my right hand wither.” (Psalms 137:5)

“He knew he was cornered and was excited about it, because he had also fell in love with Israel,” Darg told Breaking Israel News.

So in the 1980s, the Dargs started the first Middle East news bureau for CBN, today run by Chris Mitchell.

Even after the couple moved to England to start a second bureau in London, they took it upon themselves to spread the message about Israel all through Europe, and even in Africa.

Today, Darg’s Exploits.TV and Jerusalem Channel programs are produced in Israel, Europe and worldwide, giving a timely perspective on Bible prophecy and the ministry of reconciliation, healing and Gospel. Exploits Ministry is a prophetic ministerial group who carry out end-time exploits and assignments, including tent evangelism, conferences and prayer journeys. The ministry reaches globally out of Jerusalem to all nations via Revelation TV and The Jerusalem Channel, with Gospel campaigns and Bible Workers Congresses in many nations, as well as three annual prayer convocations in Israel.

“I come back to Israel every month,” said Darg. “I’ve gone on at least 300 trips to Israel, leading prayer broadcasts, and in addition to that, I bring people three times a year for conferences.”

Darg’s inspiration comes principally from the Biblical understanding of Israel’s history and how, “God singled out the Jewish people to be a nation of priests and a light unto the nations.”

As a teacher of Bible, Darg told Breaking Israel News, “everything motivates me in scriptures, verses, and prophecy that is coming to pass so quickly in the land of Israel.”

“We must never forget that the Bible is Israel’s greatest export to the world, and so it is impossible to think of the Bible without connecting it to Israel, its land and its people,” she said.

“It seems like everyday there is a new archeological discovery that proves that Israel belongs to the Jewish people,” Darg explained. “Even the UN resolutions against Israel prove Biblical prophecy about controversy over Zion. God is bringing back the Jewish people to the land.”

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She expressed great honor in “carrying this revelation about Israel,” especially in trying times in Europe. She spoke of the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain, hitting record levels this past year: “A charity that monitors anti-Semitism recorded 1,400 hate crimes this past year, the highest in all 34 years of recording,” said Darg.

“We are praying, holding events with Magen David Adom (Israel’s medical ambulance fleet) and trying to bring the biblical truth to Europe,” Darg told Breaking Israel News. “It’s a spiritual battle that has to be won on our knees.”

“People now must decide whether to be politically correct, or believe the word of God and be Biblically correct,” Darg said. “Many Christians, many eschatologists, only pray for Israel’s destiny in the future, but God has raised up a generation of believers to pray for Israel to fulfill her destiny now–that Israel should become a holy nation–a holy nation of priests, a light to the nations, God’s treasured possession in the earth.”

It is this message that has led Darg on her path to become a trailblazer in a great transition of Jews and Christians working together and building bridges over the last 10-15 years.

“That was a dream come true for me,” said Darg, who has held five Christian assemblies in the Israeli parliament, leading her to receive the lifetime achievement award.  

“There are so many Israelis and Jews reaching out, like the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) and Rabbi Tuly Weisz,” the Director of Israel365 and publisher of The Israel Bible and Breaking Israel News.

“Those assemblies were preparatory for things happening now between Jews and Christians,” she concluded. “We are feeling more comfortable together now, simply because people with ministries have been reaching out.”

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