EU Inaugurates Palestinian Police Stations as Step Towards ‘Two State-Solution’

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A resident yells at an IDF soldier in the Palestinian village of Aqraba. (AP)

While the Palestinian Authority incites terrorists, promotes anti-Semitism and refuses to negotiate with Israel, the European Union continues to invest towards a two-state solution.

European Union (EU) and Palestinian Authority (PA) representatives inaugurated eight new community police stations in the town of Aqraba next to the PA-administered city of Nablus (Shechem) in a move they cite as a concrete step towards a two-state solution.

“These infrastructures are the backbone of the rule of law and a cornerstone of a future democratic and viable Palestinian state,” commented EU Representative to the Palestinians Ralph Tarraf at the opening of the inauguration ceremony. “This is further evidence, if ever needed, of our full commitment to the two-state solution.”

The EU views the police stations as an essential component of a Palestinian state, towards which they are investing heavily. “The rule of law is a basic requirement and is one of the main pillars of the future Palestinian state,” the EU Palestinian Delegation’s Communication Officer, Shadi Othman told Tazpit Press Service (TPS).

“Part of what we do is help build such law enforcement institutions while working with the different parts of the judicial system, including the police, which is the judicial system’s executive arm,” Othman added. “It is also about providing the Palestinians with a sense of honor in that the Palestinians should feel that they themselves own these police forces.”

EU funds illegal PA construction

An unauthorized Palestinian building north of Jerusalem displays the EU flag. (Regavim)

The EU has spent more than 30 million euros in the past five years supporting similar projects in the PA’s justice and security sectors along with the 6 million euros provided by the EU for the construction of these community police stations.

The EU’s investments in such projects have been geared towards building democratic institutions of the PA that supposedly would abide by human rights, the rule of law, professionalism, and accountability.

Othman told TPS that the EU intends to ensure that such standards are maintained. “We monitor and follow the work of the Palestinian police as well as the progress that is made,” he said. “Whenever questions about certain violations arise, we follow up with the Palestinian side and we have an active dialogue with them on all such issues.”

Meanwhile, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro this week, “the one responsible for the diplomatic stalemate is the Palestinian Authority, which continues to incite and refuses to negotiate.”

Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog, who continually calls for a resumption of peace talks, conceded on Wednesday that expectations of a two-state solution, given the current political climate, are “unrealistic.”

There have been many instances of illegal EU funding of Palestinian building projects over the past several years against Israeli interests, including the construction of roads and other infrastructure that helps terrorists to carry out attacks.

By: Jonathan Benedek/TPS and United with Israel Staff

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