Esther Horgan’s Husband Expresses Gratitude to Nearly 1,000 Donors [Watch]

Benjamin Horgan, whose wife Esther was slain by Arab terrorists last week, met with Rabbi Tuly Weisz of the Israel365 Charity Fund at the family home in Tal Menashe. Horgan expressed his gratitude to the nearly 1,000 Jews and Christians who donated via Israel365 to his family during this tragic hour and recorded a video message to those who demonstrated their solidarity with his family.


Benjamin told Rabbi Tuly in a conversation: “I heard about this initiative and really appreciate it so much. And I wanted to tell everyone who took part in this support that we are deeply touched and obviously also it was really a great comfort to us.”

“We will make our best to use these funds to continue her legacy of joy of life and love to everyone” he added.

Recalling his wife, Benjamin said of Esther: “There are only beautiful things to say about her. She loved life. She loved every man and woman that she met. She loved to live her life to the fullest.”

Benjamin recalled that Esther brought so much love into the world. She would meet strangers and instantly befriend them with her kind heart and warm smile. Rabbi Tuly told Benjamin, “that it is only fitting that close to 1,000 strangers – both Jews and Christians alike – responded to her brutal murder with an outpouring of compassion and love.”

Immediately after Esther’s murder on Sunday, December 20th, a $25,000 fundraising campaign was organized by the Israel365 Charity Fund on Monday. On Tuesday, social media influencer Hillel Fuld, promoted the campaign on his Facebook page, recalling a similar initiative that Israel365 organized on behalf of Ari Fuld, murdered by a terrorist in 2018:

“Listen. I don’t want to ruin your day or anything but I have to talk to you about something heavy. Terror. We talk about the victims but not much about the family that is left behind suffering from the loss. Esther Horgan was brutally murdered this week when she was jogging by her house. She left 6 kids behind. Israel365 is raising money for the family. Let me tell you, after Ari’s murder, they ran a similar campaign and the funds went straight to the family. They raised significant funds. This campaign is not getting the same reaction and these kids need it. I really hate to do this and it’s so not something I am comfortable with but these poor kids. Donate if you can. Please. This family has many years of pain ahead of them. Thanks Tuly Weisz for the sacred work you do for families of terror victims.”

Thanks to Fuld’s promotion, and an article in the Jerusalem Post published on Wednesday, the $25,000 goal was quickly hit, and so a new goal of $36,000 was established. 36 is a significant number in Judaism, as it represents a double blessing of life.

Rabbi Weisz blessed the Horgan family with the traditional Jewish blessing for those who have lost a loved one saying to Benjamin, “Hashem should comfort you among the mourners of Zion.”

To join the effort in support of the family of Esther Horgan, click here.


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