When Prime Minister Netanyahu charged that Arab voter fraud was ‘rampant’ in Israel’s April elections, he may have been referring to an expose uncovered by Maariv showing that out of the 82 complaints of voter fraud filed with the police, only two of them were actually investigated.

This development confirms what many on the right have feared all along: voter fraud is rampant in the Arab sector and the authorities in charge of the elections willingly turn a blind eye. This is why Netanyahu’s Likud party pushed to install closed circuit cameras inside the  polling stations in Arab villages – a motion that was voted down in the Knesset.

On April 13, four days following the election, the person in charge of the Elections committee, Judge Hanan Meltzer, received a file from the Likud containing the names of 97 members of the party’s ballot observer staff members that were assigned to various polling stations in the Arab sector.

The file contained a wide array of testimonies that described unprecedented instances of the unethical conduct in the Arab sector during the election process. This included ballot stuffing, counterfeit ballots, violence, bribery, vote sharing and more.

The file contained full witness accounts, including addresses and telephone numbers. It arrived on Meltzer’s desk four days following the April election. Meltzer passed on those complaints to the police who according to the expose, did nothing about it.


Source: Israel in the News