In a tale strikingly similar to that of King Saul showing mercy on King Agog despite God’s commandment to kill him, the Israeli government decided not to arrest terrorist Bassam Saich because of his illness reports Hakol Hayehudi. Taking advantage of Israel’s sympathy, Saich survived long enough to take part in the killing of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin, Hy”d in 2015. Saich succumbed to heart disease that others say was in fact cancer on Sunday.

But it has come to light that even before killing the rabbi and his wife, the terrorist, Bassam Saich, was supposed to be arrested by Israel’s security services for money-laundering as well as transferring money from Jordan to fund Hamas Operations in Judea and Samaria.  

“Bassam was supposed to be arrested before-hand,” said Morris Hersch, the then military prosecutor in Judea-Samaria at the time of the attack. 

“But due to the fact that he was suffering from cancer, a decision was made not to arrest him,” Morris told Hakol Hayehudi.

Hirsch realized that when he drafted the indictment, it was actually Saich who helped lead the terror squad to carry out the attack. “He catalyzed it and he was the one to make it happen. Saich was essentially the attack’s initiator. In fact, when it came time for the verdict, they placed all the blame on him knowing that he will die anyway. 

About a year following the attack, Israel’s Supreme court decided not to demolish Saich’s home.

Source: Israel in the News