Due to Egg Shortages: Israelis are Now Buying their Own Hens

Due to a recent egg shortage in Israel,  hundreds of Israelis have started raising hens in their homes.

A new trend has arrived in Israel: buying chickens and building backyard chicken coops. Despite a ban on raising chickens without the approval of neighbors, the municipality and the Ministry of Health, several Facebook groups who specialize in circumventing the bureaucratic hurdles have been established to help those looking to make it happen reports Mako.

As a result, the price of live chickens has nearly tripled.

Following a nationwide rush on egg, several Facebook groups popped up that specialize in chicken cooping and the rooster trade. The recent demand forced the price of one chicken to spike from NIS 60 ($16) to NIS 140 ($39). Setting up a backyard chicken coop with six chickens costs an approximately of NIS 1,500($418). Each hen can lay approximately 150 eggs per year.



Source: Israel in the News